You Don’t Light Up My Life

How many times have you been to someone’s apartment, or even a really nice house, and all you notice is the fact that they still have these cheapo bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Israeli Light Fixture

"And why is that?," you innocently ask yourself the first few years you live here.  And the answer is – because LAMPS are damn expensive in this country, and I really do not know why.

First I tried an Ikea Hack, for my black and white guest bedroom, which worked great, and was super easy.  I just added black trim to the white shade, but I could still see the bulb hanging out of the bottom of the lampshade. Sigh.

white ikea lampshadeblack trimDSCN1238




see it has that nice big round piece you can just slip over the old cord.  You need to cut that middle piece of plastic and use it to hold up the lampshade.  This way you don't have to change anything if you are renting and can just take the shade off easily.



That worked out well. But I can't have them in every room. So back to the drawing board.

Then I tried DIYing my own, after watching about 3 youtube videos on how easy it was to make your own lampshade from scratch.   NOT!!!!!

What’s the problem you ask?  Well.  First of all the little kit doesn't exist here.  But I decided I could do it anyway.  I would just get all the separate pieces for the project.  How hard could it be.  (stop laughing, it is really not nice!!!!)

The frame turned out to be the easiest.  I googled imaged  (my favorite trick) the words lampshade and found this cute little old guy with a tiny store that had an awesome amount of wire frames.  אליאס יחזקאל.    The frames ranged from 30 shekels up.

lampshade frames in Israel


I took two home and spray painted them.  If you notice on the top right picture there is a little slot that you can just slip on so it hangs over the already existing bulb you have in your apartment. Than you can just use a bit of duct tape or wire tape to hold the lampshade evenly on your bulb, if you don't want to be bothered with changing the wire.

The other stuff was not so easy to find.

stuff for lampshade    glue spray  lampshade frame

lampshade   lampshade in process   lampshade 1


It seems that really אין דבר כזה when it comes to selling translucent, self sticking polyethylene. Which is what you need for the plastic cylinder part.  And believe me I tried everyone. Mostly I got, well we used to have that, but we stopped selling it. I settled on using Shekef, (שקף) which is similar but not as user friendly and not translucent and not self sticking - but available.  

Then I looked for spray glue, or spray adhesive, or glue spray or whatever you want to call it!   It costs around 55 shekels a bottle!!!  (almost all of the smaller local building supply stores carry that.)

Then you have to spray the glue on the plastic roll and lay out the fabric very quickly, smoothing it on as you go.  I did not look like the lady in the video, I was sweating, and probably mumbling some words I should not say, under my breath.   Also that glue did not work to hold the metal frame to the plastic wrap that I put the fabric on. As a matter of fact all the glues I tried, Guttermans, E3000, and even just plain old elmer’s glue, nothing worked. In the end I had to use a glue gun. It was messy and I burnt my fingers at least 3 times.

On top of that the inside, which in the video looks so nice, was all messy so I had to get some trim to cover it up.  Blah, blah, blah I could have purchased something for less.  This was not successful.  


I am determined to make a good lampshade.  I WANT A LAMPSHADE THAT LOOKS GOOD! Who do you turn to when all else fails. IKEA.  lampshade from ikea  abro spray glue  nymo lampshade package

lampshade cornerschevron ikea hack  unnamed

This time I know what I am doing, and also it is much easier to do.  I still have to spray the old cover with spray glue, tuck and cut the corners and mark it so I cut on the chevron design correctly (which is harder than it looks - like all this diy stuff). But in the end, this one, actually looks good.  The kit cost 80 shekels, so that was worth it.


ikea hack lampshade

Phew.  Only 700 more naked bulbs to cover.  

This is just one of many videos I watched

I used the Beauty Supply wooden nail pushers as a replacement for their tool.  I know, brilliant right?  Thank you.  It did not make this experience any better but still, I must give myself some credit.  5 for a shekel or something like that.  Great tool actually.  But the rest, was impossible!  I felt like I was wrestling with the lampshade.