You Aren’t Supposed to Hurl Throw Pillows


Pillow Insanity – when I got started on this home decorating kick – the thing I really noticed was how much pillows changed the room. Which made me get into the whole pillow as a decorating tool kick. Mark (husband) says they are called toss pillows because when you get into bed a night, and there is no place to put said pillows, you TOSS them at your spouse. I am thinking there is probably a better answer than that…but who knows.

My kids seem to think the same thing, as they also hurl the pillow around the room, sometimes using them as footballs.  So not okay.

Pillows are something you can easily, and cheaply, made here.  These two I had done here, 25 and 45 shekels - with zippers!  Bargain. I had them made the same size as Ikea inserts, but then I found out she could also make the insert any size I want. (slapping head – duh!)

awesome body pillow

reupholstered chair

I also had the cover of this chair redone for my daughter’s room, because I was too lazy to sew it myself and the price was right. Although I plan to try and reupholster an office chair soon.

blue chair

This is the old chair.  It didn't look bad or anything, but the colors did not match the new room.

I brought these from the states, I know CHEATER. (I am sorry, but I couldn’t resist)

These are from Ikea, here in Israel. So there.

fabric backed bookshelf

This one my sister-in-law fabric painted from Ikea (again.) Check out Finder for links to Fabric Paints.

These I had made on Etsy because I couldn't find the prints I wanted here.  A lot of sellers on Etsy will ship to the Israel, and the fabric pillows without the inserts are not heavy to ship.


contrast color throw pillow  navy blue throw pillows

The big bench one was made in Bud Ratz in Jerusalem, because I wanted self piping and they do that.

bench with throw pillows

The yellow pillow was the "contrast color;" an idea that I read about somewhere...that you have to have three colors to make things really pop.  (Just one of many articles on this subject).  Hey, I don't make this stuff up, I just report it.  Or try it out.  One last thing - classic mistake by moi - not making the pillows different sizes.   Yep that is also in the decorating advice columns.  Oh well.   At least I got it done.  And remember DONE is the new GREAT.