Wood and Carpentry

Wood and Carpentry

Wood Materials 

There are three basic kinds of wood product you can find easily in Israel

SANDVICH  - Is basically thin layers of wood all pressed together.  It is used for more durable shelves, and costs the most.  These sheets or "mistachs" come in a variety of thickness, usually 2 to 4 centimeters.  You can get a huge variety of formica or wood veneer finishes on top of this. Wood veneer comes in different thicknesses a more expensive finish.




CEBEAT - is covered in MDF and also comes in many many colors.  This is used for less expensive shelving as it is not quite as strong as sandvich, but it is find for shelves etc.  



CARTON DACHUS - which means pressed cardboard.  Can be used for backings, inserts etc.

Pressed cardboard


These types of wood product all come in Platot, or Mistachs, big panels.  You can have them cut to any size you want, either you can do it yourself or you can have the carpenter cut them. They charge per cut.  

C*ntim and other words you can't say in Hebrew.

laminated edges

On the sides of these panels that will be showing, they heat press on a laminate edging, called, c*nt, I kid you not.  It is impossible to say this word out loud, most of Americans just say Kantim, and the carpenters get it.

You can chose a different color laminate side if you want.  Lots of interesting designs to chose from.



Although I do love Ikea

These wood products are Israeli's favorite choice for furniture building, and because of that you can make any piece of furniture you want in a custom size and color. Sometimes this is actually CHEAPER than even Ikea, and it will have all the features you want.  For example a bathroom vanity runs about 1,500 shekels online and in Ikea.  You can get something similar, in the color and size you want, custom, for about the same price.  Something to keep in mind when you have an odd space you need to use.  Same goes for closets etc.  Although it breaks my heart to say it, Ikea is not always the answer.












Places to buy wood

Most city areas have a plethora of carpenters and wood shops נגריה to purchase from.  I can't list them all.
There are a few things to keep in mind.  Most places do not sell decorative trim or molding, those are sold by 
wood specialty stores.  


The biggest store I know of in Israel to carry an amazing selection of  real wood is May HaSharon in Petak Tikvah

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There is also Machsan Aitzeem מחסן עצים, which is smaller buy carries a nice selection.



Wood speciality stores that carry decorative molding, or דיקטים דקורטיבים 



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