The Midas Touch

Gold is back

After taking a hiatus of a few years and being upstaged by nickel, gold is back with a vengeance.  And although I never thought I would like it, turns out I do.  Here are a few new gold things in my home.


gold clock


mantle clock  gold clock base

plastic ikea clockgold clock 1  yes that is an Ikea 99 cent clock I painted gold. 


gold vase holder     gold tipped chair legs  Can you see the gold tipped chair legs!  Cool right.  

The Gold Tambour paint seems to work well on everything.  Just with the plastic be careful not to touch it for 24 hours.  That means you can only paint one section at a time or it gets sticky and you leave little fingerprints on it.  Otherwise...paint the town gold, or in this case everything in your house that is not nailed down.