Teenagers are Tricky

I am pretty sure I mentioned that I came to this fine country with four children, two of whom were teenagers.  Well they still are teenagers although they think they are much older.  Anyway, after we moved out of Jerusalem, I told my daughter that we could work on a project for her room.  I was way more excited about this then she was, I think I got a shrug, and an eyeroll before the begrudgingest (this should be a word, by the way - you know the MOST begrudging)  of okays came out of her mouth.

Off to Yad 2 land.  As I am sure it is completely evident to you, a lot of furniture in Israel is made from plain old boring formica like substance.  Not quite as bad as particle board - but pretty close.

images-29Mostly you have this     particle board desk or this

I purchased something very similar for around 100 shekels.  Serviceable but without a personality (is personalityless a word?  it also should be one).

To start off I told her to chose 3 colors and I gave her some options based on things we already had.

There was the orange and navy combo

orange and navy bedroom    blue and orange bedroom 2  orange and navy bedroom


and the turquoise, pink, coral look

turquoise and coral pillow  party table  imgres-10


Oddly enough since we can't seem to agree on much, we both liked this color scheme and it seemed doable.  I purchased a fun duvet cover and we took it over to the local stuff store and matched up the color.  Although the color seems much different in the can it turned out to be pretty much the same color.  Which is blue haze from Tambour.  


blue duvet

I primed the desk with zissner's spray primer because they didn't have the regular paint and I was impatient!

The problem was that the spray was more expensive and covered much, much less.  I learnt my lesson. Impatience is not a virtue.

"Done is the new great" which is basically our family motto, sometimes is not an inexpensive thing.  Sigh.

zissners spray paint   desk with primer   inside of desk


painted bookcase   painting  painting desk




plain drawers   chevron blue drawer

One little comment about chevron. I do like the concept, which my daughter says is nothing more than a zigzag (tell me it ain't so), however once again making said chevron pattern was not easy. First of all there is no frog tape in Israel, which is the painters tape people (Who are these people you ask?  everyone, just everyone ok) say to use. The painters tape they have here is very expensive or useless.

See total fail here when I tried to spray paint stripes on the back of my Ikea bookcase.

painted bookshelf backgroundthat is NOT working.

But I was determined to try this, so I got some Frog tape from America.  7 hours later I gave up.  Ok seven is exaggerating but you get my point.  I tried making a "shablona" שבלונה that is a fancy Hebrew word for something like a stencil or a mold, out of cardboard, but it just wasn't perfect.  So I gave up and did what we call in Hebrew בערך- which roughly translates to "kind of," and is good enough.

turquoise painted formica desk

Pay no attention to the teenage wall mural you see behind the desk.  There are some things in a teenager's life you can't control.  Sad but true, you have to pick your battles.  I am hoping to get the wall painted and stenciled.  Wish me luck.  I should be so fortunate I will post the results.

At the same time we painted the desk, we painted an old pine Ikea bookshelf.  So old they don't even carry it anymore.blue bookshelf


blue washed bookshelf  blue washed bookshelf

The plain blue looked a little too blue on the bookshelf, so we white washed it with this cool brush from Martha Stewart.  Which you can order online from Home Depot, sometimes Amazon has it too, and get it shipped to Israel.  The only one place I have seen something similar here is in the Main Tambour Store in Bnei Brak.

All in all I was happy with how things came out.  The color really freshened up my daughter's room, and the boring formica desk turned into something a little more interesting.  A bit of paint and elbow grease (as my dad used to say) really changed things.  This was a very frugal furniture fix.