Sunburst Mirror (and Gold Paint!)

Welcome to Jersey

I wanted something over my new headboard, but I just couldn't figure out what I wanted.  One late night of google searching I saw these gold sunburst mirrors over and over again.  And I coveted them.  This looked much easier than the lampshade fiasco.  With this as my guide, I started the diy search.  (remember when you were a kid and you had to find all these unrelated items for a treasure hunt and you would run up and down your street looking for a paper clip, or a red balloon, it was some kind of birthday party game. )  These DIY trips sometimes feel like that.


Looks simple enough.  I found the mirror right away again in Beauty Supply. BUT, there is always a but...paint stores do not sell or give away little wooden sticks here in this lovely land.

There is kebab though, and that is what this DIY-er used, kebab sticks.  YEAH, we got those.


Third floor design studio  - Great directions.

And then I went to the states, and I decided to just get a mirror, and paint it gold, because, well because I could.  So I did.

20140929_103922  20140929_103922gold sun mirror

I also bought back with me Martha Stewart's gold paint, but I like Tambour's gold paint much much better.  And that is what I painted this with.  And then I kind of went on a gold rampage.  Super happy with the results.  Gold paint is definitely worth the splurge.