Plastic Paint Take 2 = Chalk Paint

I covet the multitude of plastic paints available in the United States- and I am not ashamed to admit it.  Well a little. But still.  Never the less, coveting the paint won’t make it come here, so I am getting over it.  After my initial disappointment I went back to the drawing board to see if there was another way to paint plastic.  And lo and behold – THERE IS.  Chalk paint.  Hurray.  Bad news, Chalk Paint also does not exist here in Israel.

Here is the old table I want to remake into something shiny and new!
old dirty table


Good news – you can make your own.  After a few trials and errors, remember Israeli paint does not have the same chemical makeup as American brands, I arrived at a DIY CHALK PAINT RECIPE.  The first ever in this country!
(as far as I know)


  primed plastic table

Here is the table with one coat on top.

Then I lightly sanded it (wearing a mask of course,) because all good DIY-er’s have a little OCD (as in ahhh I have chalk in my lungs now I will keel over and pass out from lack of oxygen – you can take it from there)

After that I put on a coat of oil based paint for metal and wood – green rekoah.  I love that color.  I was trying to go for the malachite look that was very popular this year.

517f0a0ffb04d647b200003d._w.540_s.fit_This, as you can well see, is not mine.  It is from Little Green Notebook, a blog I like a lot. I tried a different technique though that looked really easy – yes, yes, you would think I would have learned by now,

diy malachite lampStill not mine….

But it wasn’t really that easy.  Or maybe the problem is substitution.  Sometimes, when I am baking for example, the recipe will call for vanilla, but I won’t have vanilla – no problem, I just won’t add it. And if I don’t have applesauce I’ll use orange juice instead.  Are you seeing where I am going with this?  Substitution, until you end up with a mock apple pie, made completely out of Ritz crackers.  Remember that one?

first coat of paint on plastic


Second attempt was better.  And the table has held up beautifully.  Although this is a time consuming project, it is worth it.  The paint is not expensive and goes a long long way.

plastic tableplastic malachite paint close up


I am now in the process of painting all the chairs to match.  Bottom line, this is a worthwhile project.