Painting on Plastic – You Can Do It!

I really wanted to update some of the dirty plastic furniture I got from the old country.

plastic chairs

There were looking pretty sad.  So I did a little googling, and found, plastic paint!.  Hurray.  Now the only question was were could I get it, or even could I get it here in Israel.

Indeed I could.  Rustoleum makes a spray although the choices of colors here were very limited.   rust-oleum

But I decided, despite the 29 shekel price tag, that I was going to spray paint some chairs.

plastic paint

I tried it on one of the old Adirondeck chairs, because these things are very comfortable.  HOWEVER – it didn’t really cover the whole chair.

plastic chairs with pillowPart of the pillow obsession.

Also in the beginning I got too close and you can see some drips.

paint drips

In the end I decided 29 shekels, although it did look very nice, and has held up well, was just not worth it, for 3/4 of of a chair.  On to trial #2