Paint Choices

There are two main paint companies in Israel. Tambour and Nirlat.

They both have an incredible array of colors and textures to chose from.  Both companies have a main store where you can really get a good look at all their products.   Nirlat is carried in Ace and Tambour is carried in Home Center.  Both are carried by stores that have Building supplies or  חומרי בניין.

The list of types is too long, take a look at their websites.  But here are just a few things to keep in mind.

There are two basic kinds of paint for metal and wood - oil based and water based.

polyor              polyor water based paint


Then there are varnishes and wood stains

20141201_154146(0)   wood colors  bondex


Then there are paints that have a depth or texture to them, still for wood and metal.  They are called Rekoah or Hammerton.  These are more expensive.

Nirlat pallet   Hammerton



And then there is the incredible array of colors, textures and finishes for the walls!!

superkril paint



Colors are mixed in a computerized machine and can be matched to almost anything you have.  The darker the color the more expensive it will be.

paint machine










Spray Paint

There are so many kinds of paint in Israel it can make your head spin.  I will constantly be adding to this but right now I am just going to talk about a few.  
Spray Paint is an amazing way to decorate.  There are many different kinds of spray paint, I like Tambour's and American Eagle, but the other's will do in a pinch.  
Cost is about 10-13 shekels a can.  Shake well and do not keep too close to the item you are spraying or you will see drips.  These paints work great on metal and wood.  You can use them to change your furniture knobs, just remember on a knob, cover with a clear coat at the end, and let sit for 2 days to avoid scratching.

Choices, Choices, Choices

spray paint choices

Recipe for Chalk Paint

DIY Chalk Paint 

You need 3 ingredients
Robeh or grout powder
(in the lightest color you can find)
Water based paint

Mix one level tablespoon of grout with 1 cup water and then pour it into a
cup and a half of paint.  It should be the consistency of pudding.  The paint is
very grainy and needs to be sanded after it is dry.  But use a very fine sand paper
and sand it very lightly or it will come off.  Finish your product using oil based paint.

Chalk Paint with a coating of Wood and/or Metal Paint over that covers plastic well


Robeh – not just used for grout!

rubeh or powdered grout