Teenagers are Tricky

I am pretty sure I mentioned that I came to this fine country with four children, two of whom were teenagers.  Well they still are teenagers although they think they are much older.  Anyway, after we moved out of Jerusalem, I told my daughter that we could work on a project for her room.  I […]

Plastic Paint Take 2 = Chalk Paint

I covet the multitude of plastic paints available in the United States- and I am not ashamed to admit it.  Well a little. But still.  Never the less, coveting the paint won’t make it come here, so I am getting over it.  After my initial disappointment I went back to the drawing board to see […]

The Midas Touch

Gold is backAfter taking a hiatus of a few years and being upstaged by nickel, gold is back with a vengeance.  And although I never thought I would like it, turns out I do.  Here are a few new gold things in my home.          yes that is an Ikea 99 cent […]

You Don’t Light Up My Life

How many times have you been to someone’s apartment, or even a really nice house, and all you notice is the fact that they still have these cheapo bulbs hanging from the ceiling. “And why is that?,” you innocently ask yourself the first few years you live here.  And the answer is – because LAMPS are […]

Chairs, chairs, Chairs

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs It’s like the old real estate joke; what are the three most important elements of real estate – location, location, location. Chairs, chairs, chairs – why are chairs so ridiculously expensive in this country? I mean you can get a decent second hand table for 300 shekels, but a chair, one chair, will […]

Headboards Shouldn’t be a Headache

My Headboard Journey Pinterest strikes again. When I moved in with my new husband, one thing we noticed right away was we didn’t really have bedroom furniture and we didn’t have a dining room set. We had doubles of everything else though. The bedroom set we got together pretty quickly – but we had no […]

You Aren’t Supposed to Hurl Throw Pillows

  Pillow Insanity – when I got started on this home decorating kick – the thing I really noticed was how much pillows changed the room. Which made me get into the whole pillow as a decorating tool kick. Mark (husband) says they are called toss pillows because when you get into bed a night, […]

Sunburst Mirror (and Gold Paint!)

Welcome to JerseyI wanted something over my new headboard, but I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted.  One late night of google searching I saw these gold sunburst mirrors over and over again.  And I coveted them.  This looked much easier than the lampshade fiasco.  With this as my guide, I started the diy […]

Painting on Plastic – You Can Do It!

I really wanted to update some of the dirty plastic furniture I got from the old country. There were looking pretty sad.  So I did a little googling, and found, plastic paint!.  Hurray.  Now the only question was were could I get it, or even could I get it here in Israel. Indeed I could. […]

DIY green pillow

I am obsessed with throw pillows

Ok, first off I surrender, I cheated.  I know it’s not fair, but sometimes DIY means have someone else you know do it.  Let’s be realistic.  How many times have you gone on a site where the woman is writing, I did this, and I did that, and then in the pictures you see a […]