Headboards Shouldn’t be a Headache

My Headboard Journey

Pinterest strikes again. When I moved in with my new husband, one thing we noticed right away was we didn’t really have bedroom furniture and we didn’t have a dining room set. We had doubles of everything else though.

The bedroom set we got together pretty quickly – but we had no headboard. Ok, honestly I know you don’t need a headboard, but the room seemed unfinished with out one. Mostly because we can’t really do curtains with the way the windows are set up, treesim etc. – although I am rethinking that now.

So I am at my friend’s house, at the beginning of this DIY craze, (I think that the headboard was what got me started), and I saw this amazing wooden door. Backing up here for a moment. I had seen on Pinterest all these amazing wooden pallet headboards but the Israeli pallets I saw did not seem to lend themselves well to this idea










Then I was going to try this amazing Ikea Hack, using the outdoor floor pallets as a headboard, but that seemed expensive for the look and I wasn’t thrilled with it once I started really delving into the specifics. Like what it would look like on the wall because you could see the plastic links in the back when it was upright on the wall.  (although I still think it has potential)


ikea Outdoor flooring


Back to the door. It was SOLID wood, in Israel mind you, and totally cool, and I saw it and thought – this is my headboard!

Husband was like “eh- I am just not seeing it. I see a door,” but after I striped it and sanded it and restained it and and and…it was the headboard you know see in my room.

I brought it home, but it was UGLY.  It had a heavy coating of red paint, much like the ubiquitous red hair color here. (what is with that color?)




Off I trudge in my new oleh “I can do this” is-it-stupidity-or-is-it-just-rose-colored-glasses way, only to hear, repeatedly over and over again when I ask for Paint Remover – “Ain Dever Cazeh.”

paint removertambour paint removerspray paint remover


Of course there is and there are many kinds of paint strippers, which is why you need a low down on what works.

There are basically three kinds of Paint Remover. צבע מסיר.

  1. Abro – spray remover. It worked great, but it wasn’t cheap for one bottle and I couldn’t find it in any other store. So that was that.
  1. Tambour צבע מסירn –  Goey stuff that schlops on with paintbrush. (yes schlops is a technical term, used by all great DIYer’s since the dawn of time.) You put it on and it sits on the paint and then you scrape it off about 2 hours later. Around 70-90 shekels a bottle.
  2. Owatrol  – You also schlop it on, but it is water based – which washes off with water- unbelievable, but it works. The only problem is you have to wash it off, so it kind of depends were you have to do the work. If you have a place you can use for dirty work, like a merpeset with a drain, this is a good choice.

DSCN1231door w paint removed and door holesDSCN1215DSCN1210 



After that I lightly sanded it with sand paper, dusted it off again and stained it with Bondex. I chose dark nut brown because it best matched the furniture we already had.




For the peep hole, I filled it in with wood filler, a few times, and then sanded it down. I only had the light wood filler so I had to paint it brown between stains to get it the same color. 

peek hole in doorcover peep hole


In the end Mark, my husband, made a steel frame for it, because we both like that better. He actually bolted to the wall using jumbos. (see my TIPS PAGE for more about hanging things on concrete walls – this is not sheet rock people!)

headboard with holes




headboard headboard with gold sun mirror