DIY green pillow

I am obsessed with throw pillows

DIY green pillow

Ikea Hack

Ok, first off I surrender, I cheated.  I know it’s not fair, but sometimes DIY means have someone else you know do it.  Let’s be realistic.  How many times have you gone on a site where the woman is writing, I did this, and I did that, and then in the pictures you see a MAN’s hands?  yeah it has happened to all of us.  So to be fair, I am coming clean and saying from the get go, my sister in law, who has more artistic talent in her pinky toe then I have in both arms and legs, did the fabric painting for this.

So this is a pretty easy one.   You just buy a plain pillow and some fabric paint, which you can get at pretty much any craft store (check out this link for various stores).  And get someone with some talent to paint you a picture of anything you want.  I got the idea from Etsy.  I saw a great pillow that I loved, more on pillows later, but I DID NOT love the price.  but I showed my sister in law the picture, and she said, “I can do that.”  ( I love when she says that).  And voila.  This cost 30 shekels for the pillow case and around 30 shekels for the paint, which now I have.  Originally I wanted an Emerald Green pillow case, like this one,

emerald green pillow

but good luck finding one now.  It was the 2013 color – the new green is


which I decided I would do, since that is what was available.  Unlike my bedroom pillows, which I did order on Etsy, the living room pillows I purchased when I was visiting the states this summer, at Home Goods, sigh, and Pier One, which is overpriced, but has nice things.  Here, the best thing to do is have pillows made for you, which is super reasonable.  But that is a subject for another blog post.