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Dyeing Your Wedding Dress 10

When I got married the second time around I did not think I was going to wear a white dress.  It seemed so well, young. But after trying on umpteen dresses in various shades of purple, grey and black, I realized (with a little help from my friends) that getting married required a certain look, and that a black dress, no matter how cute it was, just wasn’t going to cut it. So I broke down and got a lovely dress from Adrianna Papell,  because their dresses always fit, (online from Lord and Taylor), and had it shipped to my parents.

adrianna papell wedding dress

adrianne papell


Only thing is, although I was very happy wearing it to my wedding, afterwards I was not sure what to do.  Half of me thought about giving it to a gemach, but I actually really liked the style, and I can’t usually find dresses I like.  So it sat in my closet for a year collecting dust.

And then I had a brilliant idea!

I could dye the dress.  I went online of course, googled dying your dress, and voila!

Well not quite voila.   First I called the dyeing expert in Israel,

הצבע שלי-צביעת בגדים בדים ומה שביניהם, on facebook.  



She sounds great, but I was unwilling to spend to spend the money before trying it myself.  (Perhaps I should have, in retrospect…but well I didn’t.)

I also read about it on, the blog part (don’t get me started on Israeli sites…)

And then decided I could do this on my own!

Like everything else in this lovely little country, finding the dye was my first adventure.  In the end I found it in two places, one was Dr. Paint, the other was the Hobby Shop, but not all hobby shops carry it.  So don’t count on that.  The dye costs around 20 shekels a package.

fabric dye in Israel

I decided to try a nice navy for my dress.             fabric dye

dying process #2

You need a nice big bucket if you don’t want to get your washing machine dirty.  Which I did not.  You also need a cup of kosher salt and hot water.  I boiled about half and used the rest from the tap.  I soaked it for 4 hours, stirring it every 30 minutes or so.

dyed wedding dress

          dyed wedding dress

dress redo again

Well I don’t love it.  I like the bottom part of the dress a lot, but not the top.  I am considering trying again, maybe with a black.  I think grey might have been better, the blue is just too pastel-y for me.  Now I have to decide what I am going to do with it next.

The Ikea hack for the ottoman, on the other hand went much, much better.  My step daughter had this great ottoman from Ikea, but it was WHITE.  Not a very practical color, although it does have great storage.

 Ikea with footstool with storage

She wanted to keep it, but by the 3 move the white was decidedly dirty and not getting clean enough in the wash. ENTER fabric dye.  For this project we used two packets of black, but my step daughter got anxious after 2 hours and so we took it out a bit early.  It looks good, but not as black as her couches.

Ikea ottoman hack

redone ottoman

That looks much better than the dirty, dingy white.  Any cotton base fabric looks better than a synthetic and accepts the color much more efficiently.  Zippers and synthetic thread does not accept the dye at all, which is kind of annoying.  The bottom line on dyeing – the jury is still out.  Next time I might try buying the dye at  logo-1

Which has a very nice selection of more serious dyes.  I guess we will have to wait and see.






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