Bird on a Wire 62

Bird on a Wire

Remember that movie with Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson (before he lost his mind?) It was a weird but fun movie. What does it have to do with an earring holder you might ask. ASK AWAY – because of chicken wire, an element that this particular DIY project calls for.  The empty picture frame was easy enough to come by.  We had a ton of those just lying around the house.  A nice solid wood one so we didn't even have to paint it.  But chicken No.

Now you and I both know, there are chickens in this country. And we know this not just because we eat them, but because sometimes we have neighbors that actually own chickens and they just wander around clucking, or whatever chickens do here. And we HEAR THEM. So if chickens exist in Israel, then chicken coops must exist too. Pretty good logic right. Off we (daughter and I) go to the nearest hardware store to ask for chicken wire, yep – hmm hum. Go away, say that in Hebrew. Turns out the word is reshet tzipurim. Not chut matechet l-oaf and not chut tarnagolet.

cutting chicken wire

Having discovered that, I also discovered that once again those simple as pie directions – do not cover the realities of the Middle East. Even chicken wire is complicated here. Maybe because it comes in a roll, I don’t know. But it sure doesn’t just slip easily into the little slots of the picture frame like some people say it does.

missing the wire

Out comes the trusty staple gun. Oh yes, it can do more than merely reupholster.

It is a fast little diy, but it still needed a little something more than originally planned.

earring holder

DIY in Israel – more than you bargained for. Maybe that should be my tag line?

earring holder


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