DIY in ISRAEL is a site dedicated to folks that want to explore the world of DIY in Israel and actually be able to make something from start to finish. It was born out of a love for Pinterest and the sadness that one experiences when you can't find what you are looking for, even though you know it must be out there somewhere.

I am a former English teacher who moved to Israel 3 years ago, with 2 teenagers and two young adults in tow. (And at the time no dogs - not a one). This site is part of reinventing my life, which includes, but is not limited to, getting remarried, becoming a grandmother, owning dogs, moving again and blossoming into a DIY-er.

I hope you will find here on DIY IN ISRAEL all the information you need to make any DIY project you might Google here in the Holy Land.

We might not have Target (a moment of silence please!) We might not have Home Depot (ok, I am not going to do the whole list of things we don't have) but there is NO REASON there can not be a DIY-ing Life after Aliyah.

P.S. I never can find matching socks. I think my dryer has a worm hole.