Monthly Archives: November 2014

You Don’t Light Up My Life

How many times have you been to someone’s apartment, or even a really nice house, and all you notice is the fact that they still have these cheapo bulbs hanging from the ceiling. “And why is that?,” you innocently ask yourself the first few years you live here.  And the answer is – because LAMPS are […]

Chairs, chairs, Chairs

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs It’s like the old real estate joke; what are the three most important elements of real estate – location, location, location. Chairs, chairs, chairs – why are chairs so ridiculously expensive in this country? I mean you can get a decent second hand table for 300 shekels, but a chair, one chair, will […]

Headboards Shouldn’t be a Headache

My Headboard Journey Pinterest strikes again. When I moved in with my new husband, one thing we noticed right away was we didn’t really have bedroom furniture and we didn’t have a dining room set. We had doubles of everything else though. The bedroom set we got together pretty quickly – but we had no […]